Antivirus Online

It is recommended that you scan your computer (PC) with two online antivirus to be more secure, well known is that no antivirus is 100% effective but using two different online antivirus if you get close to 100% for sure if are infected and possibly allows the elimination of all forms virus.

Virus Total

VirusTotal lets you submit files online or via email. The file is scanned by several different scan engines and detection results are reported for each. Submitted files can be up to 20Mb and over 30 virus scanners are used during the scan. Files can also be submitted in bulk, up to 20 requests every 5 minutes for the general public with other options available for bulk and private users. VirusTotal also provides a reporting feature that lets you search for previous reports of files others have submitted.

Jotti Online Malware Scan

Like VirusTotal, Jotti returns scan results for several different scanners. The scan engines used by Jottie differ from those used by Virustotal and thus it's often worthwhile to use both.

AVG LinkScanner DropZone

AVG LinkScanner DropZone is an online Web page scanner that lets you copy/paste a link you recevied in email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and scan the page for malware before you visit it.

F-Secure Online Scanner

One of the very few remaining true online virus scanners, F-Secure Online Scanners uses javascript and Java Version 6 Update 10 or above of Java Runtime Environment installed. Windows only.

Panda ActivScan

Panda ActiveScan is an online scanner that works with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Javascript required. Windows only.

ESET Online Scanners

ESET Online Scanner uses ActiveX if Internet Explorer is used, but if a different browser is used a download and install is required. Definition files are also downloaded to the computer, rather than managed online. This can cause some conflict with your normal installed antivirus. Windows only.

Trend Micro Housecall

Trend Micro's Housecall requires a download and install, which almost negates its being a true online scanner. However, the donwload is tiny and detection still takes place online. The download method also removes the reliance on ActiveX and Java, and it allows the scanner to work regardless of which browser you use. By default, Trend Micro Housecall perfroms a quick scan, only searching common locations and only looking for active malware. Windows only.

Kaspersky File Scanner

Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner is a free online virus scanner to find out if you have any viruses or spyware on your machine without having to uninstall your current antivirus software or install a new one. Most importantly, you can see what viruses your current antivirus software let slip through. You just need to be online and using Internet Explorer.

BitDefender Online Scanner

Bitdefender QuickScan uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to detect active malware on your system, in under a minute. Because it focuses on active e-threats, the product uses just a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan and requires no time-consuming virus signature updates, as the detection process is performed by remote Bitdefender servers.

CA Internet Security

The CA Online Threat Scanner scans your computer for viruses and spyware and can detect malware threats from within your web browser. You can use the scanner free of charge. Windows Only.

Live Call Free Scan

Try our most trusted online solution, LiveCall. This trialware detects viruses on your system so you can protect your digital assets from malicious codes.

Symantec Security Check

Symantec Security Check tests your computer's exposure to a wide range of online threats. It's free and an effective tool that helps determine your Internet security needs.

Mobile Version

Removes all traces of virus in your facebook from your mobile

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To use the web will give us readable links, posts and private messages, so you can scan for viruses and malware in your facebook. If in any case we find the virus or malware will show this:

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